Antenuptial Contracts

As a qualified Notary, Rhiannon is a specialist drafter of legal contracts. Her areas of expertise include Antenuptial Contracts (also colloquially known as Marriage Contracts or Prenups), Cohabitation Agreements and Trust Deeds - Family, Charitable etc. She also serves as a Trustee on a number of Trusts.

Rhiannon is passionate about creating contracts that are innovative and embody the relevant principles of law in a clear and concise manner and that focus on building the future relationship between the parties.

As part of her practice as an Integrative Lawyer she has collaborated with a clinical psychologist to develop a more meaningful process within which to draw up your antenuptial contract. Over and above contracting about the traditional property interests of the future spouses, this process also looks at the values that each partner is bringing into the marriage, how these will influence the marriage relationship and how the couple will deal with the inevitable conflict that comes with deep meaningful relationships. For more information contact Rhiannon directly.

If you are entering into a marriage or a civil union then you will need to consider an antenuptial contract. For more information regarding you and your partner's options, click on the link below.

Cohabitation Agreements

If you have decided that a formal marriage or civil partnership is not for you, but you are living together with someone as long-term partners then you may wish to consider entering into a Cohabitation Agreement. For more information regarding this type of contract, click on the link below.

Trust Deeds

As a qualified Notary, Rhiannon, is well placed to assist in the drafting of Trust Deeds and attending to their formal registration requirements.

General Contracts

Should you require assistance with putting together an agreement in writing, kindly contact us and we will assist you in this regard.

Supporting documents

    Matrimonial property options (PDF)
    Cohabitation Agreements (PDF)
    Protection for unmarried couples who buy a home (PDF)