Property Law

Rhiannon Thomas is an independent and experienced conveyancer who gives all matters her personal attention. As part of her conveyancing service she offers the following services:

  • Assistance throughout the process of buying or selling a property.
  • Gives all matters her personal attention.
  • Services a select number of clients allowing each client personal attention.
  • Sees clients after hours, if more convenient.
  • Travels to see clients at their home or office, if necessary

She can give assistance with the following conveyancing matters:

  • Drafting or Reviewing Offers to Purchase
  • Drafting or Reviewing Agreements of Sale
  • Transfer of property (freehold or sectional title)
  • Deceased Estate Property Transfers
  • Divorce Transfers
  • Consolidations and Sub-Divisions of Land
  • Servitudes / Usufructs / Fideicommissums

Supporting documents

    Buying or selling - English (PDF)
    Buying or selling - Afrikans (PDF)
    Buying or selling - Xhosa (PDF)
    Protection for unmarried couples buying a home (PDF)
    Conveyancing process information sheet (PDF)